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  • Voice of America Radiogram

    Tags: radio, computers

    About two weeks ago I was lounging around in the backyard drinking an iced tea and reading the July issue of QST when I stumbled on something I thought was really sweet.  The Voice of America is … more

  • FLEX-1500 Software Defined Radio

    Tags: radio

    I have been exposed to amateur radio all of my life.  Some of my earliest memories are of myself and my Dad playing with his old Hallicrafters SX 110.  When I was 13 (with a lot of encouragement and … more

  • EAARS Broadcastify Live Autio Feed

    Tags: radio

    I just wanted to jot off a quick post regarding the Eastern Arizona Amateur Radio Society (EAARS). These guys have a really nice 2 meter repeater network set up covering several thousand square miles … more